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Sometimes you have to trick kids (and adults!) into choosing healthier snacks. But delicious MannaBears are specially formulated to deliver Glyconutrients to young people during their growing years while being a tasty alternative to junk foods.

Our chewy MannaBears:

  • Deliver a specially formulated Glyconutritional blend, along with 11 dehydrated fruits and vegetables, including pomegranate juice concentrate powder.*
  • Are designed specifically for youngsters, but loved by all ages!


Why are MannaBears supplements coated with crystals?

Evaporated cane syrup crystals dusted on the bears keep them from sticking together, allowing them to remain at peak condition during shipping and storage.

My child is allergic to aloe vera. Can he or she use products that contain Ambrotose complex?

The Ambrotose complex in MannaBears contains aloe vera gel. Individuals with allergies or sensitivities to any ingredients in our products should always consult their personal physician before use.


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