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Ambrotose® Complex

Feeling good should come naturally, so we made Ambrotose Complex

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Mannatech Ambrotose® Complex, the original Glycan supplement.

Everything you want in one supplement.

Feeling good should come naturally, so we made Ambrotose Complex. This vegan, plant-based supplement is a smart approach to your best health. Clinical trials of Ambrotose Complex have shown that it can support your recall and recognition memory, digestion, immune system and healthy organ function.*

Benefits for your mind, body and spirit.

With ongoing, daily usage you can support your*:

  • Cognition – can help improve memory and concentration*
  • Energy – all-natural vitality and wellness*
  • Mood – may decrease irritability and increase calmness*
  • Immunity – cellular health supports the body’s natural defenses*
  • Gut Health– prebiotics promote beneficial bacteria growth and healthy digestive function*

Fuel your well-being.

The Ambrotose Complex glycan blend provides vital nutrition for your cells. (Glycans are like a five-course meal at the cellular level.) Healthy cells have better cell-to-cell communication. When your cells can send and receive signals to each other, they can carry out their tasks, helping maintain your body functions.*

Ambrotose Complex elevates your self-care regimen – a simple step that helps you get closer to feeling and looking your best. Begin your self-care regimen with the help of Ambrotose Complex and support your way to healthy aging.*



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