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Whether you want to earn some extra money or create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, Mannatech can provide the opportunity for you to do so.

The best part; it’s on your terms. You decide what it looks like and how much time you want to invest. It all starts by introducing and selling the products to a few friends to make the money to pay for your product purchases, or you can choose to dedicate some of your free time to building a business to pay off some debt or save for a dream vacation. The choice is yours.

The life you dream of can be possible with our:

  • Transformational products
  • Industry leading compensation plan
  • Cutting-edge marketing tools and back office support
  • Global model that lets you build an international business


Mannatech rewards you for a healthy habit!

What is the Mannatech Loyalty Programme?

We have found a way to reward you for your commitment to your wellness. It’s called the Mannatech Loyalty Programme.

The Loyalty Programme is your ticket to earning credit on every Automatic Order you place, which can then be applied towards redeeming free product.

Setting your order to be delivered to your doorstep automatically is not only convenient but it means the benefits of the products you are taking will keep contributing toward your ongoing health and wellness.

Your Automatic Order will generate every month.

Here’s How It Works for Associates:

Let’s say, for example, you place a monthly £100 Automatic Order:

Once you’ve achieved a 20% point accrual, maintain your status with a monthly AO to continue earning points and redeeming them for free products!

Here’s How it Works for Preferred Customers:

Automatic Orders accrue a maximum of 10% Loyalty Points per month.

Important Things To Know

  • During your first three (3) months an Automatic Order must generate every month for your retain your earned points. Starting in month 4 you will be able to redeem or retain those points. If you miss an Automatic Order your earnings will reset to 10%, however you will keep any points you have retained from your first three month and beyond.
  • You can redeem these points for free product at or by contacting our Customer Service Team.
  • With our Loyalty Programme you get more rewards, more products and more benefits. Should you have any further questions please contact the person who introduced you to Mannatech or our Customer Services Team.
  • Loyalty Points will be calculated on the product purchase price only (excluding shipping charges).
  • Your Automatic Order does not have to be the same value. It just needs to generate for at least three (3) consecutive months in order to redeem the Loyalty Points and then every consecutive month thereafter.

Real Success Stories

It Really Happened for Me. Make It Happen for Yourself.

Reach for the stars. People just like you have made it happen with one-of-a-kind products they believe in and an unmatched business opportunity. We want you to set your goals high, and we’ll help you get there. And you can feel better knowing that, in the process, you helped enrich your life and the lives of others.

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