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The Power of Mannatech Patents

What sets Mannatech apart from other health and wellness companies? In a word: patents. In the past 28 years, more than 140 patents have been issued to Mannatech; currently, Mannatech holds more than 90 patents with several more pending, making the company unique in the industry.

In fact, most companies in the nutritional and health and direct selling industry can boast of few, if any, patents. This means the science and product validation behind patents places Mannatech far above the competition.

Mannatech Patent Portfolio

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Dr. Nugent Explains The Power of Patents

Mannatech has made significant investments to protect their products from theft or forgery and provide consumers with products that are unique and scientifically proven.



The Patent Process

The patent process is long and arduous. To obtain a patent, a product must meet certain criteria and prove they are innovative, creative and useful to the industry they serve.

Mannatech focuses on long-term goals and continues to invest in the future. Investing in patents to protect their scientific and technological improvements has made Mannatech a world leader in the scientifically-proven nutrition industry.

This information is valid as of January 14, 2022.


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