Team Mannatech

Are you a spectator? Or are you in the game?

Even if you’re not a sports legend or in training for the next Olympics,
the Team Mannatech program is ideal for you! It’s never too early
or too late to be active and experience wellness – we can help!

Meet the Team

With more than 200 athletes representing countries around the globe, Team Mannatech members have broad-reaching appeal. They have been drawn from the exclusive ranks of sports legends, the everyday athlete and young enthusiasts destined to become superstars. They are all role models for their sport, committed to helping people of all ages lead a healthy, active lifestyle.



Designed to increase your workout intensity and duration through oxygen uptake and to help prevent dehydration. Take EM•PACT drink mix 15 – 20 minutes before or during exercise or other physical activity.*



A combination of natural ingredients that, when taken daily over time, helps reduces muscle soreness and stiffness after physical activity or over exertion. Take two BounceBack capsules every day on an empty stomach and allow 4-6 weeks for optimal benefits.*



Helps maintain existing normal blood sugar levels and supports carbohydrate utilization.*



Highly advanced whey protein blend that helps your body lose fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Take two scoops of OsoLean powder mixed with your favorite food or beverage twice each day for fat loss.   OsoLean powder should be used in conjunction with the OsoLean Plan and proper exercise.*



Mannatech’s low-glycemic meal replacement drink mix that furnishes the nutrients your body needs to feel full and satisfied. Available in delicious French vanilla and rich chocolate.*



Heart care formula designed to nourish the cardiovascular system. Helps maintain blood vessel health, cholesterol and homocysteine levels that are already in the normal range. Take one capsule three times daily.*


Optimal Support Packets

Small, convenient packets that contain one Ambrotose AOTM capsule to counter the effects of free radicals; two PhytoMatrix® caplets that provide vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients; and two PLUSTM caplets to support endocrine system health.*

Mannatech Anti-Doping Mission

Mannatech aggressively supports anti-doping principles. Mannatech’s products are formulated without any substances banned by major worldwide anti-doping agencies.

NSF International is a not-for profit public health certification organization that ensures a product’s label reflects the contents of the supplement, that all ingredients are openly disclosed on the label and the product’s purity is acceptable.

Additionally, NSF assesses each manufacturing site to ensure it complies with Good Manufacturing Practices; NSF will not certify a product unless the manufacturer meets these rigorous audits.

Look for the NSF Mark on the labels of certified products.