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Free Shipping on every subscription over $224.99

There is no Planet B

Mannatech is committed to preserving the one planet we have.

Our commitment to nourish people of all ages and the world around us has no borders.

Our star ingredient Aloe vera isn’t just green in color, but it’s a green, renewable and eco-friendly resource. We partner exclusively with Natural Aloe de Costa Rica to create our sustainable Aloe-based products with processes that will protect our future, today. We are the next generation of wellness.

We make every day
Earth Day

100% recyclable

plastic and cardboard used in product packaging


pesticides used

10,000+ acres

of forest devoted to wildlife conservation + CO2 offset

Certified zero carbon footprint

Certified zero carbon footprint

100% of Aloe plant is used

Aloe rinds are made into fertilizer, preventing waste

1 year

of rest for Aloe fields after harvesting to replenish soil

1 to 5 ratio

5 acres of forest preserved for every 1 acre of Aloe field planted

Partners in

Mannatech and Natural Aloe de Costa Rica work together to ensure the Aloe vera we use is grown in a sustainable way.

We oversee that the farming practices are environmentally sound so they preserve the natural environment of Costa Rica and its people.

About Our
Aloe vera

  • 100% pure Aloe vera
  • 30+ years of proven results
  • Clinically-studied benefits
  • Grown in nutrient-rich soils
  • Free of pesticides
  • Rainfed & irrigated by a volcanic aquifer
  • Nutrients extracted in a proprietary process
  • Produced with a carbon neutral process
  • Cultivated with a self-sustaining energy grid
  • Harvested and fileted by hand
  • Only Aloe product in the world to contain True Acemannan

Every time you use our products with Aloe-based technology, you are helping us sustain the environment in a real way.



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