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The Mannatech Story

Celebrating a Quarter Century as The Science Company

Our Vision

Empowering everyone to live their very best life.

Our Mission

To help people live happier, healthier, enriched lives by developing scientifically sound, innovative wellness solutions and fostering a culture where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives.


The Quest for Acemannan

In the early 1990s, a scientist studying the active agent in Aloe vera knew he’d made a ground-breaking discovery. His findings concluded the gel in the Aloe plant, revered for centuries for its health and beauty benefits, contained the long-chain polysaccharide mannose. When it comes to nutrition, polysaccharides play an enormous role in the function of the human body.*

The scientist began imagining the immense possibilities for Aloe as a means to improve our health and nutrition — and he was right. He worked to isolate mannose, the key polysaccharide which sets Aloe apart from other plants, and developed the compound Acemannan.

Acemannan provides far more than just energy — it helps support the immune system and digestion, helps improve cognitive function and mood and provides important nutrients to support our overall health and well-being in significant ways.*

The scientist revealed his findings to business leaders who recognized the enormous health benefits of Acemannan, and they formed Mannatech — to harness the vast healing powers of Aloe.* Investing millions in research and development, Mannatech secured the rights to the perfected, proprietary formula for Manapol® powder, a product containing 100% Acemannan, as the basis for many products.

A Pioneer in Glyconutrition

In 1995, Mannatech launched Ambrotose Complex® — the flagship product, a glyconutrient supplement made with a potent blend of Manapol powder and several other plant-based ingredients. Ambrotose Complex rapidly gained notoriety for its amazing cell-to-cell communication* and, seemingly overnight, was embraced by millions and gained world-wide acclaim for its health benefits. Mannatech emerged as the pioneer in Glyconutrition, a branch of science now widely accepted by the scientific community.*

Worldwide Acclaim for Our Products

Today, Mannatech enjoys an exclusive partnership with Natural Aloe de Costa Rica (NACR), a manufacturer of premium Aloe products in Costa Rica, that cultivates a superior Aloe vera plant. Mannatech and NACR perfected the processes to ensure Manapol contains the most potent form of Acemannan. Well-known for its arid climate and rich volcanic soil, Costa Rica grows the best Aloe on the planet and the company produces the purest Acemannan known to man.*

At Mannatech, science continues to remain at the forefront. We continue investing in scientific studies and testing to substantiate the efficacy of our products. Throughout our history, Mannatech has obtained protection for technology relating to our proprietary formulas by securing more than 140 patents in numerous countries around the world.

Exclusive to Mannatech, Manapol is the only commercially available 100% Aloe product that meets the scientifically approved molecular weight definition of 1-2 million Daltons to be true Acemannan as set forth by Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) and American Medical Association’s United States Adopted Names Council (USAN). While other companies claim their products contain Acemannan, no other product meets the molecular grade definition. Mannatech is the only company in the world with true Acemannan.

Natural Aloe de Costa Rica

Our Commitment to Health and Wellness

Every year, Mannatech continues to produce innovative, leading-edge products that help support health, beauty and wellness. Our line continues to expand to meet the changing needs of our customers. We invite you to try our products and experience first-hand the effects they have on your mind and body. *

Many of our loyal Mannatech family has followed us since the beginning. And our global reach continues to expand to other continents. At Mannatech, we truly care about people and enjoy helping them lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We invite you to connect with us!

Backed by Measurable Results

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Mannatech’s Mission to End Childhood Malnutrition

Concerned about the health and welfare of children, Mannatech’s partnership with the M5M® Foundation helps children around the world receive proper nutritional support. The M5M Foundation works with non-profit organizations that share the vision to see an end to childhood malnutrition. In 2018, they formed a partnership with Kids Around the World® and their OneMeal program and paved the way for feeding and nourishing children. For every $100 spent on Mannatech products, a one-month supply of PhytoBlend™ powder is donated to help nourish a child in need.

Member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

The DSA is a national trade association dedicated to protecting liberties for its member companies that market products directly to consumers through an independent sales force. DSA serves to promote, protect and police the direct selling industry while helping direct selling companies and their independent salesforce become more successful. A resource for Associates as well as the company, the organization always looks for new ways to support direct sellers. For more information on DSA and its Code of Ethics, visit

Since the beginning, Mannatech has embraced the direct selling model to bring our products to more people. Our Associates love what they do. Our business model is built on connecting, sharing and building close relationships—a key to living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Member for 21 years

What People Are Saying


“It’s a quality of life that is so empowering, you just can’t help but want to be a part of it.”

– John T., Mannatech Associate


“It’s remarkable to see people’s lives completely change. And when I saw that kind of commitment, that kind of dedication, I could put into someone’s life to help them for the better, I knew I would love this company. Because that’s what this company’s all about—and it’s fantastic.”

– Anthony K., Mannatech Associate

Completely Different

“Mannatech provides me hope for the future. This is something completely different. This is something I get to build in my part time, which is right after work.”

– Christina W., Mannatech Associate


We invite you to join the Mannatech family!

† Glyconutrients are beneficial saccharides found in nature.


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