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Mission 5 Million®

M5M’s Mission

To help fight global malnutrition by nourishing children around the world. We begin to accomplish this by helping children in need receive proper nutrition through our products.

Since 2009, Mannatech’s programs have generated more than 110 million servings of nutritional support for malnourished children.

Empowering Children, Families + Communities Alike

The most important thing parents can do for their children is to give them the nutrition they need to be healthy. We accomplish this by providing parents the vitamins, minerals and key nutrients growing children need for optimal health. When you change the health of one child this, in turn, helps transform the health of communities.

Did You Know?

Severe malnutrition affects 45 million children across the globe each year. That’s nearly one out of every three children under the age of five (ie, the entire population of California + Chicago + Houston).

Source: World Food Program USA



Ecuador Chapter 1: Nourishing Hope


Ecuador Chapter 2: Nourishing Families


Ecuador Chapter 3: Nourishing Joy


Ecuador Chapter 4: Nourish the Body, Nourish the Soul


Ecuador Chapter 5: Nourishing Ecuador

Our Partners in This Mission

Kids Around the World is a faith-based organization whose mission it is to impact the lives of kids and their surrounding communities in what they call Hope Zones where kids are ministered and cared for.

We have partnered with these four HopeZone communities:

San Silvestre, Ecuador

Situated on the banks of the Portoviejo River only a few miles from its mouth, this low-lying community’s chief income sources are cultivating rice and fishing. This HopeZone was launched in January of 2021, helping approximately 130 kids that are registered in the Nutrition Program.

Punta Alta, Ecuador

Nestled atop the hills of Manabi these communities are off the beaten path. The local mothers gather to form a volunteer team to lead this HopeZone, which was launched August 2021. Approximately 110 kids live in Punta Alta and it’s two neighboring communities. These three communities will be combined to form the HopeZone. 

Payita, Dominican Republic

Payita is a mixed agricultural zone with products such as rice, coconuts, and cattle.  It also serves as the Generation Hope Hub for the Dominican Republic. HopeZone is to be launched October 2021 with around 50 kids in its first phase.

El Cruce de Caño, Dominican Republic

This rural community sits on the edge of Nagua with farming and lumber work as the primary form of employment. A HopeZone will soon be launched to help approximately 40 children who live in this community.


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