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Health Is Wealth Bundle

Health starts at the gut level

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Today’s modern lifestyle can affect the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome. Your body’s ability to stay healthy — physically, mentally and emotionally — starts at the gut level.

That’s why we created our new “Health Is Wealth Bundle” with FIVE PRODUCTS that target varied aspects of gut health.*

BUNDLE AND SAVE: Get your bundle with Manapol, GI-ProBalance, GI-Defense, GI-Zyme and Liver Support, and you’ll save 26%!

Manapol® Immune Support Formula is like a fertilizer to help feed and promote the growth and nourishment of healthy probiotic bacteria in the gut, which provides natural support to your immune system, all while using gut-nourishing Costa Rican Aloe — nature’s perfect prebiotic.*

GI-ProBalance® slimsticks are designed to nourish your gut with eight strains of probiotics and rich prebiotic fibers. It also supports the natural balance of good bacteria in your gut microbiome, helping maintain healthy digestion.*

GI-Defense® butyrate support blend in is unique because it contains effective ingredients that have been scientifically shown to help the intestinal tract to produce additional butyrates.* The end result? You have the power to support your immune system function naturally while maintaining a healthy digestive tract.*

GI-Zyme® capsules are a powerful blend of broad-spectrum digestive enzymes and natural botanical ingredients, combined to target an array of foods. GI-Zyme is designed to help improve digestion and the absorption of nutrients from food, while reducing typical discomfort that can be caused by normal eating.*

Liver Support is formulated with a proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients to support and detoxify your liver for healthy function and digestive health.*

This bundle includes:

  • 1 Manapol
  • 1 GI-ProBalance
  • 1 GI-Defense
  • 1 GI-Zyme
  • 1 Liver Support


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