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TruHealth Cleanse

Designed with healthy weight loss at the cellular level in mind

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Designed with healthy weight loss at the cellular level in mind, TruHealth Cleanse supports your body’s natural detox process, kicks out harmful impurities and helps you feel lighter and brighter. And it does it all with a delightful strawberry apple flavor that you’ll enjoy.

But it doesn't stop there. The TruHealth Cleanse is effective as it eliminates toxins, reduces bloating, and supports healthy digestion. The inclusion of an Alkalizing Greens Blend with Celery and Milk Thistle enhances detoxification and balances the body’s internal environment, crucial for overall health and weight management. This cleanse is also nutrient-packed with vitamin B6, greens, prebiotic fiber and enzymes, ensuring your body gets all the support it needs as you kickstart your transformation.*

Directions: Incorporate TruHealth Cleanse up to four times a day during the first week of your TruHealth Transformation.

Post-Cleanse Maintenance: Safe for continued use once a day after the initial 7-day cleanse period.


  • Supports your body's natural detox process and sends harmful impurities packing*
  • Gives your skin a vitality boost and contributes to a lighter, brighter you*
  • Nourishes your body with a hydrating blend of vitamin B6, greens, prebiotic fiber, and enzymes*
  • Champions total body support, including cellular health and healthy aging*
  • Best friends with your gut and liver, supporting effective detoxification*
  • Contains an alkalizing greens blend for overall health and wellness*
  • Cares for your mood and mental well-being*
  • Helps reduce feelings of bloating*


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