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Free Shipping on every subscription over $224.99

Welcome to Mannatech

Congratulations on your decision to start a business and become a Mannatech success story! The best part? With Mannatech, you can DO IT YOUR WAY. No 9-to-5. No pressure. No need to be an overnight expert. You are in control, and we’re here to help you get started.

Step 1

Join Annie, our AI virtual facilitator and multi-linguist, to guide you through these Action Plan videos.


Video 1

Share Your Mannatech Business


Video 2

Dream BIG About This Business


Video 3

Share Your Grand Opening


Video 4

Creating Ongoing Income with Ongoing Growth


Video 5

Leverage the Tools Page


Video 6

Send Off

Step 2

Install the Penny App for FREE!

Penny App

The most brilliant way to make your Mannatech business thrive. Penny is a smart, virtual assistant that helps you run your business with confidence.

Step 3

Get Social + Share Mannatech.

The Power of Social Media

Everything you need to launch your Mannatech business on Social Media.

Step 4

Check out your Digital Tool Suite.

Digital Tool Suite

Find a list of digital tools assembled to help you launch and grow your business or expand your Mannatech knowledge.  

Step 5

Get to know your Products + Business with Mannatech’s Training Platform.

Mannatech Training

Courses and resources to grow your understanding of Mannatech’s business as well as product knowledge.

Step 6

Make Money with Mannatech

Mannatech Compensation Plan

Accelerate your path to success. Mannatech’s innovative Compensation Plan is such a revolutionary idea.


You have completed the onboarding steps

Want to know more?

There are additional resources below.


Integrity and ethics are at our core, and it’s important that Associates act in compliance with approved product and opportunity claims.

Policies and Procedures

Income Averages

Sharing Your Story Compliantly

Compensation Plan

Our Compensation Plan rewards you two ways — for selling high-quality products that your customers can use every day and for building your sales organization.

Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Summary

Compensation Plan Videos

Mannatech Pay Setup

Digital Tools

Discover best-in-class business essentials that make it easy to work on your own terms and run your business from the palm of your hand.

Penny App

Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Penny provides daily prompts to support your Customers and Associates, as well as provide you scripts and resources to reach out and grow your business.  How to create your account


This is a great tool to help with cold and warm market contacting.  You can put your new contact into a drip campaign, as well as purchase leads to assist you in creating new Mannatech business opportunity conversations.  Use “manna” for the company code to have access to Mannatech Resources. Sign up here 


Success Tracker gives you the tools you need to analyze your business more thoroughly with prebuilt reports and custom reporting options.  Sign in to your Backoffice, then under “Business” in the menu, select “Success Tracker” to sign up.

Business Cards, Apparel, Print on Demand

If you’re looking for Mannatech branded items, event displays, or premiums, we have partnered with Vista Print to bring these items to you at an affordable price.

Training & Education

We have separated our training and education into several different websites.  Whether you are looking for clinical trials, corporate news, events or more, check out these websites.

Mannatech Training

Courses and resources to grow your understanding of Mannatech’s business platforms, as well as product knowledge.

Mannatech Science

Discover the research behind Mannatech’s products.

The official Mannatech Blog, where you’ll find the latest in news, events, products and more!

Mannatech Library

Every document and every language are available from this library of resources.

Mannatech Events

See a comprehensive list of Corporate and Associate events designed to educate and inspire.

A great resource for those who have questions about Mannatech’s products and opportunity.

Your Personal Mannatech Website (PMW)

Your replicated website gives your business immediate credibility. You can share it with your Customers and use it to sign up new Associates.

Customer + Associate Programs

Loyalty deserves to be rewarded! That’s why we have a Loyalty Points Program and a Customer Referral Program that you can use to your advantage.

Loyalty Points Program

Customer Referral Program

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for more ways to familiarize yourself with Mannatech, look no further.

Mannatech Pay Overview

Business Tools Roadmap

Product Guide

Success Guide

True Acemannan

Giving Back

Every Product Purchase Changes Lives

Social Media

Looking for inspiration and shareable content? Follow our Mannatech social media channels!

Bookmark this page and come back anytime for a refresher course or to share resources with your new team members!


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