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Meet Penny

The most brilliant way to make your Mannatech business thrive!


Penny organizes your day, showing you what to do, when to do it and how to do it well. She manages every part of your business, ensuring new sales keep coming and no customers fall through the cracks.

What To Do

Through the power of artificial intelligence, Penny learns your business, and prioritizes where you should be spending your time each day, populating tasks on your daily and ensuring that the time you are spending working on your business is spent in the right place.

How To Do It

Penny does more than just telling you what to do. It also helps you learn how to work your business in the most efficient and effective way. Through the Pennyverse and LevelUP, you’ll learn how to craft the perfect sales scripts, build and manage a team, build your confidence and remove mental obstacles and more.

When To Do It

Need to cut out the noise? Penny organizes your tasks based on where your customers and prospects are in the customer care cycle or sales funnel. She prioritizes who needs attention and who can wait another week, ensuring you spend your time where it matters most.

Feature Set

Fill your sales funnel and keep growing your business.

Contact Management
All of your important information in one place.

Customer Care Cycle
Never have a customer fall through the cracks again.

The Daily
Know what to do & when to do it at a glance.

Team Care
Build and coach your team to success.

Custom Tags
Sort your customers by similar product purchases, characteristics, etc.

Custom Lists
Target your customers and improve your marketing.

Multi Message SMS
Communicate with your customers via SMS or whats app.

Social Media Messaging
Link your customers’ social media profiles for easy messaging.

Help and Learning Articles & Videos
Learn how to leverage all of Penny’s features at your fingertips.

Access to LevelUP and Pennyverse
Improve your business and sales skills with lessons from industry leading professionals.

Customer Care Cycle

The Customer Care Cycle is a set of specific tasks designed to ensure you speak with your Customers at the right time, about the right topic. Penny automates touchpoint tasks for all your customers as soon as they make an order so you can keep track of their shipments and check-in with them periodically. This will help bring your customer service to the next level and ensure you never let another customer fall through the cracks again!

Let’s Set Up Your Penny App

  1. Simply go to
  2. Enter your email address   
  3. Complete the rest of the page with your First and Last Name, and then establish your PENNY password (this can be whatever you want it to be, but PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN). You will need it again to sign in to Penny!
  4. Then click “Create Account”
  5. You will now be asked “Which organization do you work with?”. Type in Mannatech and select the Mannatech image.
  6. Now for the final two steps:
    1. Enter your Associate Account number   
    2. Enter your Mannatech Password. This is the password you use to sign in to
  7. Your Penny Account should now be established

Now that you are signed up, you now can access Penny through the desktop or mobile app. Just download the Penny app to your phone to sign in!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up for Penny?

Search for “Penny” in your App Store to download on your mobile device, or visit to sign up.

What Kind of Results Will I See?

Penny users experience a variety of results based on their business level and how often they use Penny. However, on average, Penny users who actively crush their daily tasks, can see a 45% increase in orders, 16% increase in revenue, 24% increase in second orders with an associated task.

How Can I Get My Team On Penny?

It’s easy to invite your team to Penny. Simply sign in to your Penny account, head to Team Care and click on the “invite” button to see who on your team is not using Penny. Using the pre-populated invite script, invite those members you would like to see using Penny.

I Need Technical Help

Sign in to your Penny account and click on the Penny head in
the bottom right hand corner to speak with one of our amazing customer support representatives. Or, visit the H&L database for all of our help articles.


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